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Do you charge for consultations?
Yes, we charge $80 for consultations. We are confident that you will think that your time with us was worth it. If you are not, then we will gladly refund your consultation fee.
How much will my case cost?
This depends on what you ask us to do.

We charge one fee for our services. We set this fee after carefully discussing your case with you at a consultation.
Do you charge by the hour?
No, absolutely not.

We have been doing this long enough that we can set one amount that covers all of our fees in your case from beginning to end.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. Our standard payment plan is 1/2 down on the full fee, and the remainder paid in three months. This is subject to approval based on your credit and circumstances.

Located on the corner of Jones & Eufaula in Norman just south of the Cleveland County Courthouse, we are proud to serve Oklahoma, Cleveland, Canadian, McClain and surrounding Oklahoma counties as well as statewide.