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Oklahoma Family Law

Child Custody & Visitation

There is nothing more important than your children. We take child custody matters very seriously– because we know that you do. We are ready to explain to you how the law can provide a solution to your disagreements with the other parent and how you can ensure that your children receive the care and support that they need.

Mother’s Rights and Father’s Rights

At Evan Taylor Law Office, PLLC we are committed to the principle that a child needs both parents. The mother should be the mother and the father should be the father and the child should have have a meaningful relationship with both parents. Not only is this our philosophy, but it is the law in Oklahoma. Although many may make a big deal out of father’s rights or mother’s rights, the law has always been in Oklahoma that the court should be concerned with the child’s right to be protected, loved, and cared for in a manner that provides for the child’s best interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Child Custody in Oklahoma? We are prepared to answer your questions about Child Custody. Let us know how we can help.

Child Custody | Visitation

What is Joint Custody?

Joint Custody is when both parents continue to have joint legal custody of their children. This has nothing to do with the time each parent spends with the child. What this really means for any one family depends on their circumstances. It is often a distinction without a difference, and is largely a theoretical principle that people would be best in ignoring because it is just confusing and does not help resolve conflicts between parents.

What is Sole Custody?

Sole custody is when one parent has the exclusive ability to make legal decisions for the children. This has little to do with the time each parent spends with the child, and it doesn’t mean that one parent can tell the other parent what to do on their own time. It has legal consequences under certain conditions, but often is not an issue as both parents are entitled to have time with their children and access to their children’s information.

Is Oklahoma a mom state or a dad state?

Neither. Officially, Oklahoma law forbids the judge from making custody decisions based solely on the sex of the parent.

I want Joint Custody of my kids. How do I get it under Oklahoma Law?

Every path is different. You have to be willing to cooperate with the other parent. Oklahoma law requires that parents must be able to work together in a “spirit of cooperation” to have joint custody. Many judges will not order joint custody if the parents cannot agree. On the other hand, some judges will force it upon the parents. What happens tends to be a personal preference of the judge.

Can I leave the state with the kids?

Maybe. In most cases you will need the judge’s permission. Even after your case is over, there is a procedure you must follow when moving more than 75 miles away from your current residence if you want to take your children with you. You should definitely schedule a time to meet with an experienced divorce lawyer to discuss these issues before making a move.

Are you a father’s rights attorney?

No. There is no such thing except as a branding gimmick. Oklahoma child custody laws make it clear that the sex of the parent should not be an important aspect in a judge’s custody decision. Instead, I always work for my clients, so that they have a significant role in their children’s lives and are able to protect their best interests.