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Oklahoma Family
Law Attorney
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Evan Taylor
Attorney at Law

Experienced representation without hourly fees!

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We’ll help you navigate through the complexity of your divorce while always keeping your best interests in mind.

Child Custody

Ensure that your children receive the care and support they need with our child custody and visitation solutions.

Child Support

Legal counsel with an up-to-date perspective on the ever-changing Child Support laws in Oklahoma.


Professional representation to handle the probate of your family’s estate.

Oklahoma Family Law Attorney

Open and Honest Representation

I am a family and divorce lawyer practicing in Norman, Oklahoma. I have been representing men and women in Oklahoma divorce and custody law cases since 2005.

I focus my practice on life changing events such as divorcechild custody and the probate of estates. If your legal needs involve important events that affect your life you can trust me and my team to use our experience to find a solution.

The Reputation and Experience to Help

My team and I have handled hundreds of cases involving simple and complex family law issues. We take pride in serving our clients well and seeing their lives made better.

Hourly & Flat Fees

We generally do our family law work on an hourly basis, which means you pay for the time we have to spend working on your case. In some types of cases we are able to offer you representation without hourly fees. In these cases we can put together a plan and that plan has a set cost. Either way, the cost is based on the specific efforts involved, and we have to discuss your case with you to determine what is required.

Divorce in Norman, Oklahoma and Statewide

Do you have questions about divorce in Oklahoma? We have been working with Oklahoma divorce laws since 2005 to find effective solutions. If you have questions about Oklahoma divorce then we invite you to explore our site and then contact us. An experienced divorce lawyer can answer your questions.

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