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Child SupportChild Support in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, every case that involves children, whether it is a divorce, paternity, or modification involves the issue of child support.  Child support is the amount of money one parent pays the other for the financial support of the children. It is a big issue in most cases, and it can have a significant impact on a person’s monthly budget. However, the primary concern is what is best for the children and how are they going to be taken care of by each parent.

In a sense, child support can be boiled down to the following three questions:

  1. How much money do the parents make?
  2. What are the expenses for the children?
  3. How much time do the children spend with each parent?

In Oklahoma, the statute on child support is found in Title 43 O.S. § 118, and nine (9) subparts A-I. Child support is complex to calculate because there are so many rules.

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Child Support Issue Questions

Below is a list of questions that need to be answered in any child support case.


  • What are the parties’ individual monthly incomes?
  • What is the parties’ combined monthly income?
    • Is the combined income greater than $ 15,000?
    • If yes, how will the parties calculate the guidelines?


  • What are the children’s expenses?
    • What is the cost of childcare?
      • Who pays it?
    • What is the cost of insurance?
      • Who pays it?


  • Will the parties follow the Oklahoma State Child Support Guidelines?
    • If no, what is the basis for deviation from the guidelines and how much will be paid?
  • Are there any special circumstances that affect the calculation of child support?
    • Does both parents have more than 121 or more overnights with the children under the custody schedule?
    • Do either of the parents have self-employment income?
    • Do either of the parents have children from other relationships that live with them?
    • Do either of the parents pay child support in another case?

Tax Filing

  • Who will claim the children on their taxes?

Past Due Support

  •     Is there any past due support owed?
    • If yes, how will it be repaid?


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