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How do I calculate income for child support?

By September 20th, 2021Child Support

In Oklahoma, we have an official formula under state law to figure child support. This formula is based on three main factors:

  • Number of children,
  • Incomes of the parents,
  • How many overnights the children spend at each parent’s home,
  • Expenses for the children.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services offers a free Online Child Support Calculator. You can use this tool to calculate child support according to the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines.

This article deals with the problem of determining what your income is for child support purposes. Because, although the Online Calculator will give you  a child support number, that number is only as good as the income amounts that you have put into the calculator.

There are several things you need to know:

Your income is based on your ‘Gross’ monthly income.

Gross income is the amount you receive before taxes or any deductions. For example, if you make $ 12 per hour and work 40 hours a week. You earn $ 480.00 per week. This would be your gross income for the week. The amount that you actually take home is what is call your ‘net’ income. Child support calculations always uses the big number, not the take home.

Child support is based on monthly income. Few people are paid once a month, so you will have to determine how often you are paid. You can then use some simply math to determine your monthly average.

The equation is (Average Pay * Number of Paycheck a Year) / 12 = Average Monthly Income

Pay Frequency Schedule (Number of Paychecks a Year):
  • Weekly: 52
  • Biweekly: 26
  • Semimonthly: 24
  • Monthly: 12

Overtime is included in your income.

It may not seem fair, but even if your overtime is not consistent it is still going to be included in your income. The law requires that we use ALL income. The way to make your overtime fair is that the law will allow you to average your overtime over the year so that the paychecks where you get no overtime and the paychecks where you get a lot of overtime will be evened out.

Bonuses and commission are also included in your income.

Again, just like overtime above, any extra income that you make will be included in your gross income for child support purposes. The law will allow you to average your commissions and bonuses over time. However, it will still be included when it is time to figure your income

Your fringe benefits may be included as income.

If your company provides you a car, housing or room and board this can be included. For military members, they should know that their housing allowances are considered income for child support purposes.

Fringe benefits do not include contributions your employer makes for benefits such as health insurance or retirement contributions.

How do I calculate income?

The best way to calculate your income is to base it on your paychecks. You should gather together your last 6 paychecks. You can then use the calculator below to figure out your monthly average.